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A company with the mission of #improvingyoungpeopleslives by providing a professional physical education and sports coaching service to schools and communities in the North Lincolnshire area.

The 4 main strands of my company are:

  1. School curriculum physical education teaching and/or sports coaching service.
  2. School physical education and/or sport after school clubs.
  3. School holiday physical education/sports programmes.
  4. Community sports coaching programmes/sessions.

All of these will be provided at a very reasonable rate.

I have over 20 years’ experience in teaching physical education and coaching a vast array of sports to children from the age of 3 to 18 years.

Before graduating from Loughborough University with both a PGCE (Secondary) in Physical Education and a BSc (Hons) in Physical Education, Sports Science and Geography, I gained lots of valuable coaching and teaching experience. I did this through my role as a Sports Coach for the local Authority, as well as a volunteer football and cricket coach in my local community.

Straight from gaining my PGCE, I secured a job as a PE teacher in a secondary school in Scunthorpe. Within 3 years, I was promoted to Head of Boys’ PE and then a couple of years later, to Assistant Head of PE. I was then promoted to the Head of the PE department and gained valuable management experience, working very closely with both middle and senior managers.

Within a few years, I soon realised that the increasing pressure on schools/Academies to produce results at all costs was having a detrimental effect on the subject that I so passionately care about.

In my opinion, children and teachers alike were forced into being ‘cogs in a machine’ with the sole aim of producing results for the school/Academy to enable the establishments to do well in the Government’s League Tables.

Because of this and the consequences it had to mine and my family’s health and happiness, I made the difficult and life-changing decision to leave the profession I had passionately given my life to for the previous 20 years.

I researched other jobs I could do which would give me the same satisfaction. I came across Evolve: A Social Impact Company ( Their unique role of a ‘Health Mentor’ appealed to me and the company’s mission was very similar to that of my own. I soon secured a position as a Health Mentor and Assistant Regional Manager. Within a year, I was promoted to Lincolnshire Regional Manager, where I managed 6 staff and also taught on their unique Health Mentor training programme. This role also entailed me conducting business meetings with Head Teachers and Business Managers in schools. My responsibilities included the day to day management of staff, alongside performing PE and mentoring observations and performance management reviews. I also gained valuable business experience in business planning and forecasting, sales development and marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, due to a change in family circumstances, I reluctantly had to resign my position as Regional Manager to allow the time for me to care for my two young sons, while my wife embarked on a new full-time career.

I have since been enjoying performing voluntary teaching and coaching work in schools and the community, as well as some part-time supply teaching to keep a few pennies rolling in.

I now feel the time is right to create a new avenue to devote my time and energies into a dedicated venture to make a real difference in what I so passionately believe in; #improvingyoungpeopleslives through physical education and sport.

Hence why Clixby Active Pro Sports Ltd was born.

If you are interested in finding out more information about me or my company (Clixby Active Pro Sports Ltd) please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Tel.: 07817001667


Twitter: @ClixbyAPSLtd

Clixby Active Pro Sports Ltd Facebook Page

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